Kingston logo design | Plush

A sensual art and trade show needs a voluptuous logo that flirts with the client's temptation to see more!  The logo is designed to tickle your sensual spirit and invite you to join the fun.  It is attractive and professional for potential vendors, and a splash of fun and flirtation attracts the clients' attention.  I can't wait to check out this trade show myself!

Kingston newborn photography | Brock

Baby Brock is completely adorable and tolerated being positioned and re-positioned so many times without fussing at all! Mom and baby were both amazing, as we did a lot of poses. It was a hot, sunny morning and I had such a great time capturing moments of baby Brock's whole family right in their own beautiful yard. I could have photographed them all day.

Kingston family photography | Lena

Lena surprised her mother, grandmother, aunt and cousin with a Mother's Day photo shoot! There is so much love in this family, and that is what I wanted to capture for them. The natural beauty and emotion of these lovely ladies comes through in these photos. 

Kingston twin photography | TWINS!

I belong to a group for families of multiples because I have twin boys, so we have crazy lives and stories that only multiple families will truly understand.  So I was so excited when a friend in the group approached me to do a fundraiser photo shoot with the families of the group!  We had such a fun day and I enjoyed photographing all of these families with twins and more.  Enjoy!