Goff family | Kingston family photographer

I am SO thrilled I was able to photograph this family!  They are just a happy, sweet family and I had so much fun capturing these images for them.  Anyone with a little one knows that family sessions don't always go well, and then add a pup to the mix and things can go sideways fast...that was definitely not the case this time, in fact both the little guy and puppy were perfect subjects, thanks to mom and dad who were cool and relaxed - you really made the shoot wonderful by setting the tone!  Enjoy!

Kingston photographer

Jaclyn + Raf | Kingston engagement photographer

I think the purpose of an engagement shoot is to capture a glimpse of life as the couple knows it at this wonderful, exciting time in their life, so it should exude a carefree, fun and intimate feeling.  I encourage couples to choose a location that reflects their personalities, where they met, what they like to do together, things like that.  Jaclyn and Raf had a lot of really fun ideas and I loved that they wanted to bake cookies together, so sweet!  We got a cute mix of candid moments having fun and being carefree together as well as some casual cute portraits.  I can not wait for the wedding day, it is going to be such a great day!

 Kingston wedding photographer

Crystal + Josh | Kingston wedding photographer

Crystal and Josh got married at the beautiful Ivy Lea Club in Lansdowne.  A beautiful property which has a cozy, warm, rustic feel to the reception and ceremony areas.  Luckily for us it was a beautiful venue inside because mother nature did not cooperate!  Not only did it rain (I think the rain was actually blowing sideways, so that means tons of good luck for the couple!) but the wind was blowing water off the lake making it impossible for us to take any photos in the picturesque outdoors.  Nobody minded the weather outside because it was a very sincere, heartwarming day and love filled and literally warmed the room.  And, I'm not just one to say that because it sounds nice, it's so true!  So glad to be a part of Crystal and Josh's beautiful day.  Enjoy!

kingston wedding photographer

Emily + Brad | Kingston Photographer

We had planned to do Emily & Brad's anniversary photo shoot at Kingston Mills Locks, and I had planned to go down by the locks to a couple places I thought would be beautiful with the fall colors, but when we got down there, we found that the place had been closed down and gated off since they were doing work down there, with a nice crane in the background too.  So we took a little walk and found this beautiful little area which I had never explored before!  Lucky us!  Happy anniversary guys.

Kingston photographer

Meaghan + Damien | Kingston wedding photographer

Meaghan and Damien's wedding was inspired by the historical photograph of a sailor locked in a passionate kiss with a nurse in NYC's Times Square at the end of World War II, which is extra cool because Damien is actually a sailor and Meaghan is actually a nurse.  How perfect?!  I started documenting their wedding a little differently from the usual, in that I began with photographing the groom and his groomsmen as they prepared for the big day instead of the bride.  The guys were lots of fun and after a few random shots of them pointing off into the distance we went to the church to await his bride.  As we all awaited the arrival of the bride, Damien received a message that the classic car that Meaghan was supposed to arrive in had caught fire!  Everyone was fine, thank goodness!!  Just a slight crimp in an otherwise beautiful day.  Meaghan still arrived with style and grace, and the rest of the day went off without a hitch!

kingston wedding photography bridal party

Jessica + David = engaged! | Kingston wedding photographer

Those of you who have done a photoshoot with me know how ridiculously excited I get about the awesomeness of a location, the perfect bend in a flirty leg, the list goes on. Jessica and David were so natural in front of the camera plus I also found myself in color heaven, I literally could have photographed the two of them in this one location, ALL day! I can't wait for the big day.  Enjoy!

kingston wedding photographer

Nicki + Patrick = engaged | Kingston wedding photographer

Maybe it's because I grew up in the prairies, I was very excited about the idea of doing Nicki and Patrick's engagement shoot on a farm, perfectly complete with a beautiful hay loft!!  Nicki loves horses so she really wanted a few shots that included horses.  I think sometimes I capture some great, natural expressions on people by having them laugh at me, as I'm tumbling down piles of hay, climbing through piles of horse dung or having a horse nose (or was that tongue?) brush past my cheek.  I always seem to find myself in a bit of a silly situation, and it's just all part of the fun!  Enjoy!

Kingston wedding photographer barn

Baby Naomi | Kingston Newborn Photographer

I think all babies are adorable and I love to photograph them.  I also love a good challenge, and it's important to me from a mother's point of view to capture natural shots of baby in their own blanket unposed, as well as the naturally posed shots of a cute little sleeping beauty.  I patiently waited until baby Naomi was ready for a good sleep and helped her into a few cute poses, and even though the newborn process can take a few hours or more, it is always so worth it in the end! 

Erin + Chris = married! | Kingston wedding photographer

Erin & Chris just happened to get married on the rainiest day in 2013 (thus far)!  Apparently that means they will enjoy a "boat-load" of good luck (I hope)!  Erin really took it as well as possible. She was such a good sport and was determined to enjoy their special day to the fullest no matter what.  As a photographer, my gear can't get wet, so it made getting these shots a bit more challenging since it really was bucketing rain, but definitely capture the true essence of their day and their happiness together.  Enjoy!

Baby Saige | Kingston Newborn Photographer

Baby Saige was a dream to photograph, perfect creamy skin, not fussy and once we got her sleeping after a huge meal she was in dreamland for the rest of the session!  I was 34 weeks pregnant myself at this photo session and she really took it easy on me.  This knitted pink blanket is very special to mommy and baby, making these images ones I am sure they will cherish forever.

Kingston Newborn Photography

Meaghan + Damien = engaged! | Kingston wedding photographer

Meaghan, Damien and I took to exploring downtown Kingston for their engagement photography session, where there are endless possibilities for some cute shots.  It wasn't too busy being a Wednesday so they were able to get nice and comfortable and we were able to get some intimate moments for them amidst the busy streets of downtown.  Oh, and don't forget little Oliver, he joined us for a couple photos as well!

Crystal + Josh = engaged | Kingston wedding photographer

An engagement photography session is all about having fun, and getting some carefree images that reflect the personalities and the feeling of this moment in time for a couple.  Crystal and Josh chose RMC, Kingston as a location and we found an entirely new set of great little nooks to get some photos for them.  Enjoy!

Kingston wedding photographer

Erin + Chris = engaged | Kingston Wedding Photographer

Erin and Chris couldn't decide if they wanted to find an architectural location or a natural location for their engagement photos, so we decided to get the best of both worlds at RMC, Kingston Ontario.  As a photographer, I have so much fun at engagement photography sessions, and this one was no exception!  They were happy to follow me along to every great little location we could find, and it looks like they were having fun too!

Monica & family | Kingston photographer

Little twins in the cutest, most colorful raincoats splashing in puddles with rubber boots?  I was in photographer heaven!

Kingston photographer

Maria | Kingston photographer

Maria is a fellow photographer, so when she asked me to capture some great images of her with the kids, I knew exactly what she was be looking for.  As a photographer and mother of 2 boys myself, I am never in the family photos!  A mix of naturally posed images with some completely natural moments of real life and having fun. 


Spring Mini Photography Sessions | Kingston photographer

Spring is in the air!!  (or it WILL be!)  To book your spring mini photography session, please email: info@lanaknoll.com or give me a call: 613-453-2299.  Spaces are limited and based on a first come, first served basis.  See you there!

Lena | Kingston Family Photography

Photographing a 6 month old is one of my all time favorite photography sessions, they are so full of wonder, expressions and cuteness.  Little Lena was no exception - adorable and so much fun!  These images are natural moments that truly capture and document a little piece of their history, as well as those amazing smiles.  Enjoy!

Sasha | Kingston newborn photography

Baby Sasha was not keen on having her photo taken, but our perseverance and patience paid off and we finally got some sleepy, dreamy moments of her perfect, squishy self.  It also gave me a lot of opportunity to capture the bond between mom and babe.  Enjoy!

Kingston maternity photographer | Jenn

At the very last minute, Jenn and I decided to do a fun maternity photography session, something that would get future big brother Gryffen involved, so we decided to ask him if he wanted to paint Jenn's 41 week baby belly - how could he resist?!  It was a perfect way to get him engaging with the belly, we all had fun!