Lena | Kingston Family Photography

Photographing a 6 month old is one of my all time favorite photography sessions, they are so full of wonder, expressions and cuteness.  Little Lena was no exception - adorable and so much fun!  These images are natural moments that truly capture and document a little piece of their history, as well as those amazing smiles.  Enjoy!

Sasha | Kingston newborn photography

Baby Sasha was not keen on having her photo taken, but our perseverance and patience paid off and we finally got some sleepy, dreamy moments of her perfect, squishy self.  It also gave me a lot of opportunity to capture the bond between mom and babe.  Enjoy!

Kingston maternity photographer | Jenn

At the very last minute, Jenn and I decided to do a fun maternity photography session, something that would get future big brother Gryffen involved, so we decided to ask him if he wanted to paint Jenn's 41 week baby belly - how could he resist?!  It was a perfect way to get him engaging with the belly, we all had fun!