Jaclyn + Raf | Kingston wedding photography

What a warm winter wedding, complete with wedding wands, which guests would wave when they felt wonderful!!  (I had to.. ;)  Jaclyn and Raf enjoyed an amazing early ceremony and brunch reception.  They thought out every detail and personalized their wedding which made it very unique and memorable for their guests and themselves.  Including one of the most interesting and beautiful bouquets I have ever seen!  The rain was a big surprise.  We were hoping for big chunky flakes of snowy goodness, but the rain stopped by the time we did formal photos post reception.  We were able to get some shots outdoors before the sun set, utilizing some of Kingston's great architectural beauties. Jaclyn and Raf are two very genuine hearts, the wedding was warm, inviting, and full of emotion, it was a true pleasure to be a part of their wedding day.  Enjoy a peek into their day!

Kingston wedding photographer