Anderson Family | Kingston Photographer

This completely adorable, stylish little lady picked out her own yellow dress for this photo shoot and I absolutely love her choice! I think it's a pretty cute little reminder of how she was deciding what she wanted to wear even at this young age, when looking back on these photos for years to come.  The true expressions of children when they are playing with rocks or sticks or flowers or their family, just sitting or running, that is what I focus on capturing, I feel it brings back so many more memories than just a pretty smile or a staged pose.  Enjoy!

Kingston photographer

Kondric Family | Kingston Photographer

My favourite place to take photos is the place you love to spend the most time so the kids are already comfortable and the photos will bring back fond memories for years to come, not only because of the super cute faces but the memories you hold from the choice of location!  And when a certain little guy asks me to do a fun shot - just for him - and gives me tons of nice smiles in return - those are the best kinds of shots.  We did a lot of photos & various locations at Grass Creek Park and here are just a few fun teasers.  Enjoy!

Kingston Photographer