Sarah & Colin engaged | Kingston photographer

Both Sarah and Colin are born and raised in Kingston, so they wanted their engagement photos to showcase a little bit of Kingston, and a little bit of them, and a lot of fun, cute, happy times as they prepare for the next chapter of their lives together.  I had a lot of fun with these two, they are cool and calm and with just the slightest bit of direction were complete naturals in front of the camera.  I can't wait for their wedding day!  Enjoy!

Kingston wedding photographer

Lana Knoll | Kingston Photographer

So it was finally time to take my serious camera out and about with my own little family and capture some lazy days of summer memories.  I didn't even plan it out, this was just a true day in the life of us.  Genuine shaggy summer hair, boys wearing whatever shirt is clean and a couple chocolate mustaches to boot.  These photos really tell the story of us and bookmark this moment in time of our life, and do so in a way that warms my heart and makes me smile.  The group hugs, the baby hugs, the chasing, the laughing, the wrestling, the biking, the love.  Enjoy!

Photo credit to my husband, Bradley Knoll for the photos that include myself! :)

Kingston photographer

Nana and Family | Kingston Photographer

Nana was celebrating a big birthday, so we got the whole family together for some photos. I think it's great to do this with our growing families every once in awhile.  I love photographing children because I think they make me feel like a kid again, I love their carefree spirit, innocence and zest for life and exploring.  Of course we had to get the photos where everyone is looking into the camera smiling, but we also need a few good running around shots and definitely a couple of "airplanes"! :)  Enjoy!

Kingston photographer

Silver family | Kingston photographer

I really love to photograph and document the lives of families as they grow, and it is so amazing to see how the children have changed, especially when the first shoot was a newborn session!  This little girl is a total sweetheart and just loved exploring this nature trail.  She decided to make me work for these images on a very hot, hot summer day, but it makes capturing and sharing these sneak peeks all the more worth it.  Enjoy!

Kingston photographer