Jennifer & Baron | Married | Brandon MB wedding photographer

The first thing that Jennifer said to me as I arrived to photograph her wedding day was "apparently getting married doesn't agree with my stomach..." ...and we laughed, and then I jumped into photographing the gorgeous details that made this day feel so amazing.  Nobody wants to feel sick on their wedding day, but it happens, and you just need to make the best of it.  Feeling sick was not going to stop Jennifer from enjoying her best day ever, just take a look at her radiant smile!  I am so glad that these two found me at the 2017 Westman Wedding Expo in Brandon MB, because their day was filled with love and I was honoured to capture it all.  Their cute little daughter, who is also the flower girl, enjoyed trying on lip gloss and wearing a twirly dress, and despite the fact that I diligently took 500 frames to get one photo with her looking at the camera, I also managed to capture an image of her giving mama a kiss on the cheek. Their story continues with a visit to Grandma in the hospital. She wasn't able to make it out to the wedding celebration, so it was important for Baron, Jennifer and her sisters to stop in to spend a few moments with her on their wedding day. Just look at the smile on Grandma's face, it meant so much to her!  Jennifer left her gorgeous bouquet to brighten up her Grandma's room, and remind her how much she is loved. - Melt. My. Heart. -  Of course the crisp weather also called for a quick stop at the Keg in Brandon for a warm up round of shots, so fun, so many memories made!  What a heart-warming day, these photos will remind them of how that day felt, and all of the meaningful memories that were made.  Enjoy!

Brandon MB wedding photographer