Lauren + Curtis = married | Kingston wedding photographer

When Lauren and I discussed the details of her September 22 wedding, she told me that she planned to do the formal photography in an outdoor area that was near the property that was near and dear to her heart.  I absolutely love when couples choose a location that is meaningful to them (and especially as breathtaking as this wooded area!) When I asked Lauren what her plan B was if it rained, she told me that it wasn't going to rain, and that the only plan was to do have the ceremony outdoors and do photos outdoors!  I must admit I was a bit nervous for the plan to follow through when I arrived to Lauren & Curtis' wedding and it was raining.  But, as luck would have it, minutes before the ceremony was about to begin the wind calmed, and the sun came out and provided the most perfect backdrop to a beautiful wedding day.  Enjoy!

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